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Changing Perceptions with Pictures

March 21, 2024

History of Photovoice “Images contribute to how we see ourselves, how we define and relate to the world, and what we perceive as significant or different,” said creator and researcher of Photovoice Carolyn C. Wang. Her organization Photovoice is dedicated to ethical photography for social change. Photovoice is an artistic tool used to amplify a…

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Bobbi Douglas

OneEighty’s Ongoing Mission: Life-Changing Care

March 18, 2024

OneEighty has a proud legacy of success in supporting individuals struggling with addiction, mental health challenges, sexual assault, and domestic violence. Year after year, we witness countless transformations – moments where individuals find their path towards a brighter future. These successes are a testament to the power of our comprehensive programs and the unwavering dedication…

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Alex Schafer and Dr. Nicole Labor

From Fear to Support: OneEighty is Changing the Addiction Narrative

February 28, 2024

The journey to overcoming addiction is often racked with challenges, but one of the most prevalent obstacles is the pervasive stigma surrounding the condition. This addiction stigma, deeply ingrained in our community, creates a toxic environment that can hinder recovery for individuals and fuel the cycle of addiction.  Combating this stigma of addiction requires a…

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3 Days That Changed My Life: Detox to Recovery

February 15, 2024

3-Day Commitment “I can do anything for 3 days,” was the feeling that convinced Brandon to appease his little brother who begged him to get clean. Little did he realize that this time, a 3-day detox program known as the Recovery and Addiction Medicine Program (RAMP), established by Wooster Community Hospital in conjunction with OneEighty,…

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Main Entrance of Millersburg brick building

Enhancing Community Support: OneEighty Expands Behavioral Health Services to Wooster’s Milltown Location

January 15, 2024

Wooster’s Milltown Professional Building Location has been a vital part of OneEighty’s healthcare landscape for nearly nine years. The organization’s recent expansion at this location represents a significant stride in enhancing behavioral health support for the community. With a focus on accessibility and client-centered care, OneEighty is positioned to offer a range of integrative services…

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Trauma-Informed, Evidence-Based Care: A Foundation for Client Success

December 6, 2023

At OneEighty, we focus not just on achieving sobriety but on enabling meaningful recovery. Our approach strives to address core issues and develop comprehensive coping strategies to nurture sustained progress for all of our clients. Our aim is to create an environment that recognizes the impact of trauma and embeds this understanding into every facet…

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Addressing the Complex Needs of Our Veterans

November 29, 2023

OneEighty is dedicated to serving our community, including the veteran population. Veterans can have complex needs, including substance use, mental health disorders, and housing insecurities. Current OneEighty Board President Tom Ballinger is a veteran who was deployed for 13 months during Operation Iraqi Freedom. OneEighty board member and Creston Mayor John Hall is a veteran…

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Transforming Lives through Wayne County Drug Court: A Conversation with Judge Corey Spitler

September 25, 2023

Supporting the Recovery Journey Judge Corey Spitler’s involvement with Wayne County Drug Court dates back to 2010, when he was a magistrate in the Common Pleas Court. He shares that it was Judge Brown who initially started the Drug Court Program in Wayne County but later entrusted Judge Spitler with the responsibility. Having served as…

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The Road First Taken

September 25, 2023

What started out as a “40 oz.” and peer pressure at the age of 12, eventually led Darnell to add marijuana to the mix early in the 1980’s. By the mid 80’s, this teenager began what he referred to as “a whole new ballgame” as cocaine and full-blown addiction took over his life. “At 16…

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Supporting Hope and Healing: Judge Wiles’ Recovery Court 

September 25, 2023

Peer Recovery’s Vital Role in the Courtroom Within the halls of the Recovery Court, helmed by Judge Latecia Wiles, a powerful transformation is unfolding. And at the heart of this transformation are peer support specialists, known as recovery coaches at OneEighty. In a recent interview, Judge Wiles shared valuable insights into the inner workings of…

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