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Addressing the Complex Needs of Our Veterans

By OneEighty / November 29, 2023

OneEighty is dedicated to serving our community, including the veteran population. Veterans can have complex needs, including substance use, mental health disorders, and housing insecurities. Current OneEighty Board President Tom Ballinger is a veteran who was deployed for 13 months during Operation Iraqi Freedom. OneEighty board member and Creston Mayor John Hall is a veteran…

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Transforming Lives through Wayne County Drug Court: A Conversation with Judge Corey Spitler

By OneEighty / September 25, 2023

Supporting the Recovery Journey Judge Corey Spitler’s involvement with Wayne County Drug Court dates back to 2010, when he was a magistrate in the Common Pleas Court. He shares that it was Judge Brown who initially started the Drug Court Program in Wayne County but later entrusted Judge Spitler with the responsibility. Having served as…

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The Road First Taken

By OneEighty / September 25, 2023

What started out as a “40 oz.” and peer pressure at the age of 12, eventually led Darnell to add marijuana to the mix early in the 1980’s. By the mid 80’s, this teenager began what he referred to as “a whole new ballgame” as cocaine and full-blown addiction took over his life. “At 16…

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Supporting Hope and Healing: Judge Wiles’ Recovery Court 

By OneEighty / September 25, 2023

Peer Recovery’s Vital Role in the Courtroom Within the halls of the Recovery Court, helmed by Judge Latecia Wiles, a powerful transformation is unfolding. And at the heart of this transformation are peer support specialists, known as recovery coaches at OneEighty. In a recent interview, Judge Wiles shared valuable insights into the inner workings of…

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Photo of Dr. Labor and Bobbi Douglas next to each other

An Integrative Approach to Wellness at OneEighty

By OneEighty / September 19, 2023

When it comes to healthcare, the integration of physical and behavioral health has emerged as a fundamental strategy for comprehensive wellness. At OneEighty, we recognize the significance of addressing these aspects of an individual’s wellbeing, and our continued developments in healthcare services exemplifies our commitment to this holistic approach. OneEighty CEO Bobbi Douglas explained why…

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Portrait of Jaimee Harpster

From Crisis to Compassion: Jaimee Harpster’s Dedication in Substance Use Recovery

By OneEighty / August 24, 2023

In a world where substance use disorders have skyrocketed to epidemic levels, heroes emerge to guide those seeking hope. Jaimee Harpster, the Substance Use Hotline and Detoxification Coordinator at OneEighty, is one such hero. Her path into this challenging and compassionate field was as unexpected as it was profound. “I never intended to work in…

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Illustration of storm cloud over woman's head while she looks at the sun

From Trials And Transformation: A Gritty Account Of Triumph Over Addiction

By OneEighty / August 23, 2023

Rude Awakening “Don’t move your arm. Your needle is broken, and we think part of it is still in your arm,” Nikki recalls hearing as she was lifted into the ambulance. “We are going to start an IV, and don’t say you are afraid of needles.” These are the first memories she holds of coming…

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Photo of Dr. Dennis Helmuth

OneEighty Welcomes Dr. Dennis Helmuth: A Dedicated Psychiatrist and Addiction Specialist

By OneEighty / July 25, 2023

Providing Comprehensive Care for Mental Health and Substance Use Disorders  Dr. Dennis Helmuth, an accomplished physician with both an MD and a PhD, is a board-certified psychiatrist specializing in general psychiatry and addiction psychiatry. With over 34 years of experience, Dr. Helmuth brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the field – particularly in…

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Illustration of woman walking balance rope between, frown face to the left, and smile face to the right

Nicole’s Story – Learning Dual Diagnosis the Hard Way

By OneEighty / July 20, 2023

Hard Time to Better Times Sometimes, being in jail allows you the time to evaluate your life. That’s exactly what happened to Nicole. Facing 36 days in jail for 11 misdemeanors, she realized that being homeless, addicted, and incarcerated was not the life she wanted to live. Her path to this realization started when she…

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What’s In A Name?…OneEighty

By OneEighty / June 28, 2023

The story of what brings someone through the doors of OneEighty is different for each person.  And since substance use impacts everyone in a family, it isn’t just the addict who needs to seek help. Linda Freeman sought help when her marriage fell apart, and she needed assistance rebuilding her life. At that time, this…

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