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Starting Over Starts with a Place to Call Home

By OneEighty / May 31, 2023

How transitional housing supports long-term recovery Addiction is not a one-time event but a chronic condition that requires ongoing attention. And recovering from substance use is a complex and challenging journey that requires comprehensive support and a continuum of care – including transitional housing. By connecting clients with structured and supportive environments, clients are better…

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Portrait of Bobbi Douglas - OneEighty Medical Director

We’re Proud of the Recovery We Support

By OneEighty / March 15, 2023

You Are a Vital Part of Our Referral Program At OneEighty, we’re proud of the recovery we support. We know you’re in a position to make critical decisions about helping people find appropriate treatment. And we believe it’s very important that you understand what really happens in our treatment program before you refer clients so…

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Portrait of Dr. Labor

OneEighty’s Dr. Labor is Named to the American Society of Addiction Medicine

By OneEighty / February 28, 2023

An Ambassador for OneEighty and an Advocate for Recovery OneEighty’s own Dr. Nicole Labor has been named a 2023 at-large member of the American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM) Board of Directors, and she will be sworn in at a ceremony in April. Founded in 1954, ASAM is a professional medical society and advocacy organization…

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OneEighty Supports a Necessary Shift in Sustainable Recovery

By OneEighty / January 31, 2023

Just as recovery involves a process of change that involves clients working to improve their mental, physical, and relational wellness, the last few years have allowed OneEighty to take a critical look at all we do. The world has changed, and we’ve had the opportunity to rethink how we serve those suffering from substance use…

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Front door of building

INTAKE AND ASSESSMENT: What to Expect as a New OneEighty Client

By OneEighty / January 26, 2023

At OneEighty, we understand that addiction affects people in very different ways and so there is no single approach to treating it. We will walk you through our intake procedures which are designed to develop a personalized, affordable treatment plan for each  individual — based on the results of a comprehensive intake assessment of your…

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D.r Nicole T. Labor, DO Medical Director speaking at a conference

Benefits of Medication-Assisted Treatment in Recovery

By OneEighty / December 19, 2022

When someone first hears about the use of medication in recovery, they may ask: Why use a drug to treat addiction? Dr. Nicole Labor, an addictionologist and Medical Director at OneEighty, addresses this quickly. “We’re not using a drug to treat addiction,” says Dr. Labor. “We use medication as a tool in the treatment realm…

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Photo of Cheryl Hostetler - OneEighty Board President

Working In Sync: Non-Profit Volunteer to President of the Board of Trustees

By OneEighty / December 15, 2022

When both the Executive Director and the President of the Board of Trustees recognize the talent and the gifts each other brings to the table, you can be assured that the work being accomplished at the agency by non-profit volunteers is happening at its peak level.  That’s the feeling one gets when catching up with…

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Recovery Coaching Helps Open New Doors

By OneEighty / September 27, 2022

The word ‘recovery’ is often defined as the act of getting back or regaining something lost or taken away. How perfect then that OneEighty’s ‘Recovery Coaches’ are the people who mentor people with addiction issues in reimagining their new beginnings. For over forty years, Bobbi Douglas, Executive Director of OneEighty, has worked to build the…

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Turning Tragedy Into Hope

By OneEighty / August 22, 2022

The newest addition to the continuum of care at OneEighty is a Medical Suite which bears a plaque reading “The Fenzl Family…In Memory of Brian, Steven and Marianne.” But more important than the plaque is the story, and the remembrance of those whose lives were lost to the tragic disease of addiction. “The opportunity to…

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Openly Discussing Mental Health Awareness

By OneEighty / May 19, 2022

“Today we sisters experienced a tragedy.  We lost our beautiful mother to the disease of mental illness,” tweeted Ashley Judd on twitter following the untimely passing of her mother Naomi Judd.  According to the National Alliance on Mental Illness, 21% of US adults (roughly 1 in 5) will meet the criteria for a diagnosable mental…

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