About Us

OneEighty provides the following services:

  • Addiction and substance use disorder services, both outpatient and residential.
  • Crisis shelter, 24-hour domestic violence and sexual assault hotline, and victim advocacy services.
  • Mental health counseling and counseling/support services.
  • Housing and supportive services.
  • Peer recovery services.
  • Community relations and prevention programs.
  • Rape crisis services.
OneEighty is open: 
Monday-Wednesday, 8am-5pm
Thurday, 8am-9pm
Friday, 8am-5pm
OneEighty Millersburg Office is open Monday-Friday, 8am-5pm.

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OneEighty, the agency renamed and rebranded in 2016, was originally comprised of Liberty Center Connections, the parent organization for STEPS at Liberty Center and Every Woman's House.
Our mission is Helping People Change Direction.  
OneEighty provides six primary services to Wayne and Holmes counties in Ohio. This site details the services provided and offers easy service access. If you or someone you know needs our services,
don't wait - contact us today. 

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Welcome to OneEighty!

Our Services

  • Sarah has been a client at OneEighty for several months, and receives services of housing rental assistance and outpatient counseling.  Sarah arrived at OneEighty “very, very distraught, and in a dark place.”  She was to the point where she had briefly considered suicide, because she was not aware of other options and she wanted her pain to end.  Sarah came to OneEighty as a last-ditch effort, because of her children, who begged her to get better.

    Sarah first went to housing, to find some alternative to living with an alcoholic mother and her mother’s boyfriend after her husband had... Read More

  • Nelly first accessed our Wayne County Victim Advocate while trying to learn about her rights as a victim if she chose to leave her husband, who was extremely abusive. Besides being sexually abusive, he would sometimes kill animals if he was unhappy with her actions. She was afraid to leave because if she couldn’t take her dog with her, she was sure that the dog would be dead in a matter of days.

    Her Advocate told her about OneEighty’s shelter and the Pet Project, which allows for victims’ pets to be boarded in a safe environment while their owners stay in the shelter. Learning about... Read More

Recent Blog Posts

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Why I Work Here

OneEighty is the premier provider of addiction and substance abuse services, including those for domestic violence, sexual assault, mental health, housing and support, and community relations and prevention services in Wayne and Holmes Counties, Ohio.


OneEighty strives to offer a safe and welcoming environment to the LGBTQIA+ community.  The agency was Safe Zone certified in 2016 and all Victim Services staff are Safe Zone trained.  We have a counseling staff with a wide range of backgrounds and specialties, including those that work with the LGBT community.  We work to ensure the most productive and harmonious environment for each of our clients. 


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News and Events

  May is Mental Health Awareness Month Mental Health Awareness Month began in the United States in 1949 and was started by the Mental Health America (MHA) organization (then known as the National Association for Mental Health). In April, OneEighty asked community members from Wayne and Holmes Counties to commemorate this important month by...
Friends of OneEighty presents Dinner or Dessert Raffle, an event to support OneEighty services and programs.   Now through June 5th purchase one ticket for $5 or 3 tickets for $10 to win a gift card to a local restaurant or bakery in Wayne County. 100% of the proceeds from the raffle will be used to fund services and...