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Community Relations & Prevention

We advocate for eliminating stigma and we promote understanding for those who have suffered trauma by intimate partner abuse, substance use disorder and mental illness. Find out how we can support your organization.

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The Community Relations and Prevention Department provides multiple prevention and education services in Wayne and Holmes counties in Ohio for community groups, schools, businesses, and individuals in the community. Their goal is to provide education about the effects of substance use, domestic violence, safe dating, and other topics in a way that promotes positive mental health and wellness. The Community Relations and Prevention Department also focuses on substance use prevention and other risky behaviors through the development of protective factors.

Community Education Services

Drug Free Workplace: A program designed to be a loss-prevention strategy for employers which addresses workplace use and misuse of alcohol and other drugs. This program was developed to meet the standards of the Ohio Bureau of Worker Compensation Drug Free Safety Program.

Talk to Your Kids, They're Listening:

Is a Wayne County campaign urging parents to talk with youth about risky underage drinking. The campaign launched in August of 2019 as “Talk. They’ll Listen”, but relaunched in 2023 as "Talk to Your Kids, They're Listening". Outreach for the campaign will include social media, billboards, flyers, posters, and radio ads. A monthly e-newsletter is sent out to parents and caregivers. If you like to subscribe to the e-newsletter please contact Robert Bean, Coalition Prevention Specialist, at 330-264-8498 or by email at beanr@one-eighty.org. Community coalitions within Wayne County will also help spread the message.

The campaign ties into Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) national campaign "Talk. They Hear You."

Safe Dates and Healthy Relationship Programming: A free program offered to schools in Wayne and Holmes counties that educates youth about healthy and unhealthy relationships. This program covers topics including dating violence, power and control, consent, and the healthy relationship wheel, while also providing resources for youth experiencing abuse.

Teen Institute (T.I.): A program offered in different school districts to encourage students to promote healthy choices and activities among their peers that do not include alcohol or other drugs. The students meet regularly to host prevention events.

Men Working for Change: Established in 2005, this volunteer group partners with OneEighty to engage the community in efforts to prevent and educate others about intimate partner violence and sexual violence. The goal of the group is to reduce incidence of sexual violence through changing unhealthy attitudes and beliefs regarding gender roles in relationships in the community and on the College of Wooster campus.

Please contact OneEighty's Community Relations and Prevention Department at 330.264.8498 for more information.

Community Coalitions

Community-based groups made up of volunteers and staff from different agencies and areas of the community focused on preventing youth substance use through evidenced based initiatives meant to increase protective factors and decrease risk factors.

(Wooster, Ohio)


(Orrville, Ohio)

(Rittman, Ohio)


Wayne County Coalitions 


OneEighty focuses on Primary Prevention which is about strengthening protective factors and reducing risk factors in an individuals community. Prevention falls within the substance use disorder spectrum, where we may also work with individuals who have some exposure, but not direct experience. We also focus on environmental prevention in which we educate the community to help change social norms and limit risks.


Find programs, services, support groups and resources for mental health, drug and alcohol treatment and intimate partner abuse recovery. Stay connected with others in recovery and guide your journey.

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“Thanks once again for your invaluable presentation…..so very much appreciated.”

“We always look forward to having OneEighty here for presentation. They do an awesome job identify goals of the program and teaching to students in a relatable manner. This information is so important and I know our students learn a great deal, as well as getting valuable resources. Thank you.”

“When OneEighty presents, the kids tend to ask a lot of questions. This is great info and OneEighty has gone out of their way to make sure that they follow up with us to answer questions that arise even days after they has finished her presentations!!”

“We’ve been trying to find the right programming to cover these topics and OneEighty was recommended to us by a Health teacher from another school district. The information was exactly what we were looking for, and we’re looking forward to having OneEighty back for future presentations.”

Community Relations and Prevention Team

Rhiannon Whalen-Harris, M.Ed.

Community, Prevention, & Victim Services Director

Kristina Hoskins, LSW,OCPS

Community Prevention Manager

Christy VanSickle

Community Relations and Marketing Manager

Robert Bean

Coalition Prevention Specialist

Gayle Byrne

Response Specialist and Victim Advocate

Amanda Nickles

Youth Mentoring and Prevention Specialist

Dwight Sprang

Volunteer Coordinator

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