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Housing & Support

Safe housing is a human right. We support you in finding shelter and creating a stable environment.

Call us today: 330-264-8498

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Housing & Support

Safe housing is a human right. We support you in finding shelter and creating a stable environment. We support you.

Call us today: 330-264-8498

The Housing and Supportive Services program is a family assistance program that serves to help vulnerable or at-risk families achieve stabilized permanent housing and connects them with the resources that will allow them to sustain their housing.

Once families are in stable housing, the issues that may have caused homelessness can be addressed through intensive case management services, direct financial assistance, help accessing necessary benefits or services, guidance in obtaining affordable housing or housing subsidies, assistance seeking employment, and any other family assistance services that a household may need to stabilize and sustain their housing.


Yes; to find out more about our housing financial assistance, please call our main number at 330-264-8498.


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A client was recently housed after being homeless for the past two years. This client moved here from another state two years ago and lost everything. When this client’s referral was received, they did not have any of the necessary paperwork (birth certificate, ID, social security card, etc.) in order to be eligible for our programs. The case manager was able to link him to the appropriate resources. This client was able to find housing and is continuing to utilize case management to address any remaining barriers.

A client who receives other services at OneEighty sought assistance through the housing department. They have a full-time job, but due to certain circumstances, they ended up at the Salvation Army. After a few months of waiting for approval and searching for housing, this individual found stable housing. The case manager received a voicemail on the day the lease was signed, and the client stated, “I am home, thank you.”

A client who was pregnant working a full-time job and had another small child was residing at the Salvation Army. This client was determined to not let her current situation “rain on her parade.” After being approved for housing this individual located housing for her and her family quickly. The client continues to engage with her housing case manager to discuss her path to self-sufficiency.

Housing and Support Team

Krista Kidney

Director of Homelessness and Housing Services

Nicole Killinger

Supportive Services Coordinator

Samantha Schauder

Housing Case Manager

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