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Residential Treatment

Welcome to a brighter future. Our residential rehabilitation program treats addiction as a disease and offers a life-changing opportunity to overcome substance use disorder and achieve sustainable long-term recovery. You are not alone. We support you.

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Residential Treatment Services

The Residential Department has two residential treatment facilities: Pathway for men and Women’s Residential Treatment Center (WRTC). Both programs are staffed 24 hours with additional support provided by professional counselors and Chemical Dependency Counselor Assistants (CDCAs). The department provides therapeutic groups twice daily and encourages 12-step group involvement each night. The residential department also works closely with the outpatient and medical departments, and Peer Support Coaches in order to help clients transition from daily addiction behaviors to learning to live in recovery.

In 2021, OneEighty started Transitional Recovery Housing. This program is for clients coming out of residential addiction treatment who may still need ongoing support and may also need assistance with employment and finding permanent housing.

Residential Treatment is blessed to have an active recovery community that supports current residents with sponsors and/or support groups. The residential addiction program regularly hears from graduates and we are proud to know about their continued success!

Women’s Residential Treatment Center (WRTC)

Pathway for Men - Noble House


Call our main office at 330-264-8498 and ask about residential treatment, or send an email to: admissions@one-eighty.org.


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“Julie entered residential treatment. She successfully completed the program and went on to Transitional Recovery Housing. Through this program, she was able to then successfully complete intensive outpatient treatment, find employment, and now has moved into long-term recovery housing through OneEighty. She is finding independence as well as a new sober support community. She was also able to complete her 12-steps recently.”

- Residential Treatment Director -

Residential Treatment Team

John Fishburn, LISW-S, MSSA

Clincial Director

Lynn Layfield, LISW-S, MSW

Residential Clinical Supervisor

Nonya Wenger, OCPC

Residential Peer Support Manager

Elizabeth Fugate, CDCA

Residential Operations Manager

Joni Dalrymple, CDCA

Residential Support Specialist Team Leader

Rhoda Williams, CDCA, MSP/BH

Chemical Dependency Counselor

Erin Blake, MSW, LSW

Residential Counselor

Kylie Peterson

Residential Counselor

Lauren Klein, CDCA

Residential Support Specialist

Mercedes McManaway

Residential Support Specialist

Amber Pittman, CDCA

Residential Counselor Aide

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