The Art of Healing: 5 Holistic Therapies Available at OneEighty

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Addiction recovery is more than just staying sober. It’s about rebuilding a life of meaning, purpose, and joy. At OneEighty, we go beyond traditional addiction treatment methods to offer a comprehensive program that incorporates a variety of holistic therapies.

These initiatives aren’t just “add-ons” for clients – they’re vital tools for fostering a holistic approach to healing. They address the underlying emotional, physical, and social issues that often contribute to addiction and substance use disorders.

OneEighty would not be able to provide these initiatives without the support of these community partners: Flex Yoga, Wayne Center for the Arts, Master Garden Volunteer Program at OSU Extension, The Wildness Center, and SpringHaven Counseling Center 

The Role of Wellness in Addiction Recovery

Recovery is a complex process. Many individuals with substance use disorders have experienced significant trauma, which can manifest as emotional, physical, and psychological challenges. Wellness initiatives and holistic therapies offer outlets that help address these challenges, promoting healing and resilience.

Let’s explore some powerful ways our wellness initiatives can empower individuals on their recovery journey at OneEighty. 

1. Yoga: Cultivating Mindfulness and Inner Peace

Yoga is a cornerstone of our wellness programs at OneEighty, offering clients a space to connect with their bodies and minds. Practicing yoga helps reduce stress, improve emotional regulation, and increase mindfulness, making it easier for individuals to stay present and manage cravings. According to recent studies, yoga and related therapies appear to be effective tools for supporting addiction recovery, providing a non-judgmental space for clients to explore their emotions and physical sensations.

2. Nutrition: Building a Foundation for Health

Proper nutrition is vital in early recovery, as many clients struggle with cravings and metabolic issues that can hinder their progress. By offering nutrition education and individual dietary services, we empower clients to make healthier choices that support their overall well-being. Research has shown that improving nutritional knowledge and habits can enhance treatment retention, which is crucial for achieving positive outcomes in addiction recovery.

3. Art and Expressive Therapies: Unlocking Creativity and Emotions

Art classes provide a unique outlet for self-expression, helping clients process emotions and develop new coping skills. Engaging in creative activities can increase resilience and emotional regulation, which are essential for long-term recovery. 

4. Equine Therapy: Building Trust and Emotional Intelligence

Equine therapy, offered monthly at OneEighty through SpringHaven Counseling Center, involves interactions with horses under the guidance of a certified counselor. This therapy teaches clients valuable skills such as setting boundaries, managing emotions, and building trust. According to a 2023 study, equine therapies have been shown to help individuals with addiction develop better emotional regulation skills. Interacting with horses can be particularly therapeutic, as it helps clients develop empathy and improve their emotional regulation. 

5. Outdoor Education and Gardening: Reconnecting with Nature

Nature-based activities, such as outdoor education and gardening, play a significant role in our wellness initiatives at OneEighty. These fun activities encourage clients to connect with the natural world, fostering a sense of belonging and wonder. Gardening, in particular, provides a therapeutic outlet that promotes physical activity, mindfulness, and a sense of accomplishment. Research supports the benefits of wilderness and experiential therapies, highlighting their role in enhancing the recovery experience.

The Impact of Holistic Therapies on Recovery

While studies are still being done on the direct success of holistic therapies in addiction treatment, the feedback from our clients speaks volumes. Many individuals who engaged in OneEighty’s wellness initiatives during their recovery journey report that they have been instrumental in their recovery journey. For example, several clients have continued practicing yoga or participated in art classes long after completing their treatment at OneEighty. These activities not only help individuals stay in the program but also inspire them to explore new hobbies and interests, contributing to a more well-rounded and fulfilling life.

Finding Yourself in Your Recovery Journey 

Recovery is a journey filled with challenges but can also be filled with discovery and joy. At OneEighty, we believe that incorporating fun and engaging activities like yoga, art therapy, and spending time outdoors can make all the difference in helping individuals find meaning and purpose in their lives beyond addiction. These shared experiences create a sense of community and belonging, fostering support networks that are crucial for long-term recovery.
Our wellness initiatives are designed to support a holistic approach, helping clients build a foundation for a healthier, more balanced life. We firmly believe recovery should be an enriching experience filled with opportunities for personal growth, meaningful connections, and a renewed sense of hope. Learn more about all OneEighty has to offer. Contact us today to start your holistic addiction treatment journey.

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