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Portrait of Medical Director - Dr. Nicole T. Labor

From addictoholic to Addiction Medicine Doctor

By OneEighty / October 11, 2021

As a culture, we don’t treat addiction like we treat other illnesses. The stigma associated with a person struggling with substance use is still pervasive. Today, there are too many people – even in the medical community – who consider addiction a choice, or a moral failing. Imagine having a physician who can not only…

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New Program: Partial Hospitalization Program

By OneEighty / September 17, 2021

Designed for individuals with moderate to severe substance use disorder, OneEighty’s Partial Hospitalization Program offers a level of care between intensive outpatient and residential treatment. Participants can join the 20-hour per week program at any time after insurance approval and completing an assessment. For more information, call us at 330-264-8498.

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CARF Accredited

By OneEighty / September 17, 2021

OneEighty was recently granted a 3-year renewal of our accreditation by CARF International! CARF, which stands for Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities, works with providers to ensure they are providing high quality services and meeting organizational/program standards. CARF accreditation is an ongoing process and demonstrates that OneEighty is committed to continuously improving services and…

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Is My Addiction Bad Enough That I Need Help?

By OneEighty / March 19, 2021

Addiction is complex. The human mind has the ability to justify almost any behavior, no matter how detrimental. If you are unable to stop doing something even though it has clear negative effects on you and/or those around you, it is time to take an honest look within and determine whether you should seek outside…

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Raising Awareness of Alcohol Abuse

By OneEighty / April 30, 2020

While the potential harm caused by alcohol abuse is well-documented, there is no denying that alcoholism continues to destroy lives in our own community and across the country. Because this is such a prevalent issue, we feel that it is best to review some key facts regarding alcohol misuse. Identifying Alcoholism Alcoholism is a chronic…

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Get the Help You Need: 12 Step Program

By OneEighty / April 22, 2017

When trying to overcome the debilitating effects of substance abuse, many people turn to the help of 12-step programs to achieve sobriety. While attending such meetings may seem like an intimidating prospect, they can make a large difference on your path to recovery. So how do 12-step programs help you on the path to recovery?…

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