Learning More About National Hispanic Heritage Month

Here at OneEighty, we love celebrating the diverse cultures of our community. That’s why we’re excited for the upcoming start of National Hispanic Heritage Month! Going from September 15 to October 15, National Hispanic Heritage Month provides a wonderful opportunity to learn about the positive contributions Hispanic Americans have made to Ohio and the rest of the United States.

National Hispanic Heritage Month is a time to celebrate the rich and diverse heritage that Hispanic Americans bring to the Ohio community, as well as a time to learn more about Hispanic American history. As part of the celebration, the Smithsonian Institution, the Library of Congress, and several other groups pay tribute to this important community with special exhibits, lectures, and features—including many that can be accessed online.

At OneEighty, we know that working together and learning more about each other’s cultures makes for a stronger community. As we use the opportunities offered by National Hispanic Heritage Month to come together, we can make Ohio a better place to live.