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Volunteering Opportunities

By OneEighty / February 22, 2021

OneEighty provides comprehensive addiction, domestic violence, mental health, and behavioral health services to families and individuals in Wayne and Holmes counties. We seek to help individuals in our community get the support they need. However, this is a mission we cannot accomplish on our own. Volunteers are essential to keeping our local care facilities running…

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Characteristics of Healthy Teen Relationships

By OneEighty / February 17, 2021

February is Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month. Though the potential for violence in teen relationships is often overlooked, sexual assault and other harmful behaviors are all too common. As part of putting a stop to teen dating violence, it helps to understand key characteristics of healthy relationships. Respect Respect means appreciating and giving value to…

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Myths of Human Trafficking

By OneEighty / January 15, 2021

January is National Human Trafficking Awareness Month, and January 11 is National Human Trafficking Awareness Day. Despite these efforts, many remain unaware of just how serious this problem continues to be in our day. Victims are likely to experience sexual assault, rape, and other traumatic incidents. Sorting out the facts from the myths can help…

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Transportation Services at OneEighty

By OneEighty / July 28, 2020

OneEighty and ANAZAO Transportation Services  Service available to NEW and EXISTING Clients of OneEighty and ANAZAO Clients are picked up from their home and brought to OneEighty or ANAZAO offices for appointments. Once appointment has ended, client is transported back home. There is no cost associated with this service, but clients must have scheduled an…

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Building Strong Community Relationships

By OneEighty / June 25, 2020

At OneEighty, we know that our efforts will be much more successful when the entire community is involved. To that end, we provide prevention and education services throughout Wayne and Holmes Counties. By educating schools, businesses, and other community groups about challenges such as substance abuse, domestic violence, and safe dating, we can improve overall…

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Finding Treatment for a Mental Illness

By OneEighty / May 27, 2020

Receiving a diagnosis for a mental illness is an important first step on your road to recovery, but where do you go from there? In reality, the appropriate treatment will vary based on the individual’s diagnosis, as well as their preferences and goals. There is no “one size fits all” solution with mental health services…

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Raising Awareness of Alcohol Abuse

By OneEighty / April 30, 2020

While the potential harm caused by alcohol abuse is well-documented, there is no denying that alcoholism continues to destroy lives in our own community and across the country. Because this is such a prevalent issue, we feel that it is best to review some key facts regarding alcohol misuse. Identifying Alcoholism Alcoholism is a chronic…

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Bringing Awareness to Teen Dating Violence

By OneEighty / February 10, 2020

When issues such as sexual violence and domestic abuse are discussed, the focus is typically on adult relationships. However, abusive behavior can occur at any stage — including in teen dating relationships. In fact, it is estimated that 10 percent of teens are subjected to sexual violence or physical abuse in dating relationships. This is…

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Helping to Prevent Human Trafficking

By OneEighty / January 28, 2020

Human trafficking is an urgent issue that occurs in Ohio and around the world. Countless women and men are exploited for sexual purposes or forced labor. Individuals in these situations are likely to experience rape and other forms of sexual abuse. As serious as the situation is, it isn’t without hope. You can make a…

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OneEighty NEW Women’s Residential Treatment Facility: Ribbon Cutting

By OneEighty / January 6, 2020

OneEighty is pleased to announce the opening of our new OneEighty Women’s Residential Treatment Facility. The OneEighty Women’s Residential Treatment Facility is certified by the Ohio Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services to provide treatment for substance use disorders in a residential setting. The treatment program teaches clients recovery tools for long-term sobriety, and…

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