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The History of LGBT Pride Month

By OneEighty / June 25, 2018

The month of June is designated as LGBT Pride Month to honor and celebrate activists who have pushed forward the goal of civil rights for members of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender communities. But do you know the history of how LGBT Pride Month started? The month of June was designated as LGBT Pride…

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LGBT Pride Events!

By OneEighty / June 14, 2018

This June if you are looking for events to celebrate LGBT Pride Month, visit the capital of Ohio for a full weekend of fun happenings to celebrate the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender communities. Columbus, one of the most progressive cities in the Midwest, is a fun and friendly city towards members of the Lesbian,…

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Getting the Treatment That Works For You

By OneEighty / June 6, 2018

By some estimates, 1 in 5 American adults and children will experience a diagnosable mental health disorder in any given year. There are a myriad of signs that you or a loved one may need to seek out appropriate counseling or mental health services. But it is important to search for appropriate care, depending on…

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What People Don’t Tell You About Dealing with Sexual Assault

By OneEighty / April 6, 2018

Being a victim and survivor of sexual assault and/or rape is a terrible experience no one wishes on another individual. Here are some things you may not hear on your journey. Some days are just literally terrible. There are, quite frankly, some days you will not be able to get the visions out of your…

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The Reality of Homelessness in the Winter

By OneEighty / March 16, 2018

Freezing winter weather is already uncomfortable when you have a place to live — but what’s it like for the homeless? Individuals who can’t find shelter face very real threats during the winter months that may even threaten their lives. Homeless individuals already face a myriad of challenges keeping them from finding permanent housing, such…

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The Importance of Community Health & Wellness

By OneEighty / February 16, 2018

An informed community is key to spreading awareness and preventing many of the issues associated with addiction and domestic violence. Even in Wayne County and Holmes County, these problems are more widespread than many people realize. This is why OneEighty offers prevention and education services — to help the entire community come together and achieve…

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Knowing the Warning Signs of a Stalker

By OneEighty / January 15, 2018

Anyone who has ever been a victim of stalking knows what a debilitating impact it can have on their life. Unfortunately, far too many people fail to get the help they need because they don’t recognize the threat of certain behaviors or they don’t know what they can do to get help. If left unchecked,…

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Should I Seek Mental Help?

By OneEighty / December 15, 2017

If you find yourself asking “should I seek mental help,” it’s time to take the first step. Accepting that you’re struggling with a mood disorder or other mental health issues can be quite the challenge. Seeking help from professional mental health services can feel even more daunting—but it shouldn’t be this way. Seeking mental health…

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Why Domestic Violence Victims Stay

By OneEighty / December 8, 2017

It’s a common question that victims of domestic violence face: why don’t you just leave? The reality is that many suffering from sexual abuse and other forms of domestic violence can’t simply get up and go. Emotional and situational pressures can keep someone from seeking shelter and leaving a harmful relationship. Quite often, a victim…

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Comforting Someone Who is Struggling

By OneEighty / November 6, 2017

Domestic abuse. Alcoholism. These are just a few of the issues that can create serious struggles in a person’s life. Even relatively minor setbacks can cause someone to suffer deep emotional pain. So how can you provide appropriate comfort to someone who is struggling? Seeking to understand and validate a struggling person’s feelings is perhaps…

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