Give the gift of Hope!


Why not start a new tradition of giving for the holidays…Give the gift of Hope!

At OneEighty, our faith, focus, perseverance, and singleness of purpose equip us to fearlessly face the front lines of trauma and addiction. Your non-profit donation demonstrates that you share in and support our belief that no matter how far down the scale someone has fallen, there is always hope.

We’re in the business of restoring dignity and purpose, reimagining potential, and rebuilding lives. Share our belief that there are always more reasons to hope than to fear or despair. And that every good reason is a powerful opportunity to discover a courageous new attitude and achieve a transformative outlook on life.

Why You Should Give Back

Ann (name changed to protect identity) was married to a man who was abusive and used controlled substances. During their marriage, he introduced her to meth which she used to deal with the trauma in their marriage. Over the summer she made the decision to file a protection order against him. This process led her to stay at OneEighty’s emergency shelter, Julia’s Place. At Julia’s Place, with the assistance of the staff, Ann realized she needed help with her addiction. She entered the Women’s Residential Treatment Center and completed the program successfully. Her connections at both Julia’s Place and in the recovery community have helped her secure a job and a place to live for her and her children.

What gift could you purchase that would provide you, or the loved one whose name you give in, deeper meaning to the holidays? Join us in the trenches with those in need with several ways to give back this season. You can help us provide the outreach, the assets, and the direction people in crisis need to face their challenges through your non-profit donation.

$250 provides food for the clients staying at the shelter or residential treatment facilities

$100 provides household items to the shelter or residential treatment facilities

$75 provides a meeting with a Victim Advocate to apply for a protection order or medication-assisted treatment

$50 provides an hour-long support group for survivors of abuse or substance use disorder

$25 provides a meeting with a shelter case manager to plan for exiting the shelter safely or therapeutic activities to help with the road to recovery

Life-changing gifts never go out of style. If you’re looking for ways to give back this holiday season, look no further than OneEighty. Share your holiday blessings by giving the gift that keeps on giving. Make a non-profit donation today.

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