Why is Mental Health So Important?

Our society tends to put a lot of focus on physical health. While there’s nothing wrong with taking steps to improve your physical fitness and live a healthy lifestyle, this often causes mental health concerns to be overlooked.

This shouldn’t be the case. Mental health services professionals note that between 15 and 20 percent of youth experience mental health problems, which can have a significant impact on all areas of their life.

In fact, without the help of mental health services, young people experiencing these types of problems often deal with functional impairments, social and behavioral issues, and other concerns that cause them to feel isolated from the rest of society. Without help, they may experience a decrease in school performance or experiment with substance abuse

To ensure a brighter future for these youth, it is essential that we overcome the harmful stigmas that so often surround mental illness. With early intervention based on scientifically proven methods of treatment, it is possible to ensure that these conditions don’t have a lasting negative impact.

By acting quickly and treating mental health issues as we would a physical illness, adolescents and others can receive the support they need and go on to make valuable contributions to society.