Why Gender Equality Matters to Us

OneEighty is extremely passionate about gender equality — in fact, it’s been a part of our programs from the very beginning. OneEighty’s role in gender equality began in 1978, when a group of Wayne County women began holding informal meetings to determine how to help family violence victims. Volunteer efforts led to shelter and support for battered women. This support has grown over the years, with the high standards of Every Woman’s House and STEPS at Liberty Center becoming central to OneEighty’s standards.

Equal Pay

Equal pay for women is one area that the OneEighty team is particularly passionate about. Women still only earn 82 cents for every dollar a man earns, and the gap is even larger for minority women. This puts women at a distinct economic disadvantage, which can make trying to escape an abusive situation even more difficult. Supporting equal pay is a must for gender equality. For some women, financial stability could make all the difference in being able to leave an abusive situation.

Access to Programs

The OneEighty team understands how gender inequality persists today, and invests in programs, facilities, and staff to increase accessibility and affordability for underprivileged individuals. Continued education on current gender issues helps the team better reach and connect women with the services that will best help them. Much of this is made possible through community donations, which provide the resources that help women escape domestic abuse and other trauma.

Women should not have to suffer domestic abuse and sexual violence simply because of their gender. OneEighty’s vast array of programs and resources is designed to counteract the harmful influence of gender inequality, while helping spur positive change for the future. If you or someone you know needs help, please contact OneEighty at 330.264.8498.