Volunteering at OneEighty

Here at OneEighty, we often find ourselves on the frontline in facing some of the most serious issues in our community, including substance abuse and domestic violence. While our team performs amazing work, as a non-profit, we cannot accomplish this work on our own. Volunteers are our lifeblood — and you can make a vital difference in our work.

Volunteer Opportunities at OneEighty

We offer a wide range of volunteer opportunities, and we have three levels of volunteer positions here at OneEighty. This starts with level one volunteers, who don’t work directly with clients or the community, but assist by providing maintenance service or by working in our donation room. Level two volunteers provide office assistance and often help plan and organize our community events. Level three volunteers work in victim advocacy, our residential treatment facilities, and our shelter. They have direct interaction with clients.

You could also help by joining auxiliary organizations like Friends & Neighbors or RISERS. These groups provide community education services and put on fundraisers to help support our cause.

How to Get Started

If you’d like to help our cause, you can get started by filling out our volunteer application form. Once you’ve completed your form, we will hold an interview and check references to ensure that you’re a good fit for our team. Qualified volunteers will be scheduled for a quarterly training. Higher-level volunteer positions will require additional requirements.

To join our auxiliary groups, you can complete your membership forms online or email us at info@one-eighty.org. We’d love any assistance you can give.

No matter what kind of position you’d like to apply for or what your availability may be, every contribution makes a difference. By joining OneEighty in a volunteer capacity, you can have the satisfaction of knowing that you are helping those in need in our community.