Unexpected Benefits of Exercise

We all know that regular exercise is a great way to improve our physical health. What many people don’t realize, however, is that the benefits of exercise go well beyond improving muscle strength or losing weight.

In fact, many of exercise’s benefits have been found to have a direct impact on mental health. Exercise has been found to be a great way to reduce stress and improve self-esteem. Part of this comes from the endorphins that are released during exercise, which naturally make you feel happy. Mental health services professionals note that this is even true for those who suffer from clinical depression and anxiety.

Exercise can also be a powerful positive influence for those attempting to maintain sobriety. Exercise causes the brain to release dopamine, the reward chemical that often plays a role in fueling addiction. By getting a dopamine burst through exercise, however, individuals in recovery can fight off cravings and stay free of their addiction.

In addition to these incredible benefits, exercise can sharpen your memory, help you become more productive and creative, and maintain brain power as you age. All in all, there are plenty of great reasons to get off the couch!