Things you need to know about Minority Mental Health

Why do we need to recognize how mental illness affects minority communities? Shining a light on this important topic will not only raise awareness but also help people who are at risk get the support and treatment that they need. Here are some facts from The Mighty that are very important and eye-opening when it comes to understanding how mental health issues impact minority communities.
Suicidal thoughts and actions are an especially concerning problem that often goes untreated. Even though teenage Latinas are more likely to die by suicide than African American and white teenagers, fewer than ten percent Latinos with mental disorders contact mental health care specialists. Lesbian, gay and bisexual youth are a staggering four times more likely to attempt suicide compared to heterosexual peers. 
Connecting people who are struggling with mental illness or addiction with the appropriate professional services and support is the first step to recovery. However, only one third of African Americans who could benefit from mental health services receive those services. This means the majority go untreated. 
However, the most important fact in this article is that “recovery is possible for everyone.” Our local minority communities aren’t immune to these issues, which is why access to mental health services in Wayne County and Holmes County is essential for everyone. At OneEighty, we are here to provide those services and reach out to individuals most at risk.