Spotting Signs of Domestic Violence

Do you wonder whether your current relationship is a healthy one? Or do you worry about a friend or family member who may be in an abusive relationship?

There are several signs to help identify unhealthy, abusive relationships before it’s too late. 

One way to help identify if your partner is abusive is how they speak to you. Does your partner get jealous? Consider whether your partner asks you who you are talking to, accuses you of flirting, or checks your vehicle’s mileage. 

An abuser will seek to control your behavior in other ways.

Ask yourself if your partner has ever: asked you to meet unrealistic expectations, attempted to isolate you from the outside world, used their feelings to manipulate you, or blame others for their own behavior. 

Power and Control Wheel 

You also should be on the lookout if your partner displays a “Jekyll and Hyde” personality, verbally abuses you, uses threats of violence, or expresses cruelty towards animals or children. These are some of the signs you may see in a partner who displays abusive behavior. 

If you or someone you know is a victim of an abusive relationship, domestic abuse, or domestic violence contact OneEighty today for assistance. 

At OneEighty, we have domestic violence services for Wayne and Holmes County residents including counseling, an emergency shelter, crisis hotline, victim advocacy, and more.