The Road to Recovery: Drugs, Alcohol, Tobacco

Unfortunately, millions of Americans struggle with addictions to drugs, alcohol, or tobacco. In some cases, there are individuals who struggle with all three substances. 

Groups like OneEighty and the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) are working every day — especially in September where its National Recovery Month — in order to help those millions of people overcome their addictions and start their road to recovery.

According to the latest survey by SAMHSA, two-thirds of individuals older than 12 reported using alcohol at least once in the prior year. The SAMHSA survey also found that persons 12 years and older were also using illicit drugs at an increasing rate. 

Even prescription drugs (over-the-counter, or OTC) are being used and abused at increasing rates, which we now know can lead to the use of opiates such as heroin and fentanyl. 

And even though tobacco usage has come down over the decades, an estimated 67 million Americans (or one in every four Americans) reported using tobacco products.

And often times, those struggling with mental health issues report using these substances at higher rates. 

It’s important to provide proper prevention and education services towards Americans of all ages in order to prevent them from becoming addicted to drugs (illicit or OTC), alcohol, or tobacco products. But we at OneEighty and others with similar missions are seeking to provide housing, counseling, and other services to help people with addiction issues. 

For more information about ways you or someone you know can overcome an addiction, and ways OneEighty or others in the area can help, visit SAMHSA or contact us directly. 

The road to recovery is long, but even once you take the first step towards sobriety you can see positive change in your life!