October is LGBT History Month

Here at OneEighty, we believe it is important to celebrate the contributions of all members of our society. Because of this, we’re proud to support LGBT History Month during the month of October.

The purpose of LGBT History Month is to celebrate the many contributions LGBT individuals have made throughout the history of our country and the world, while also commemorating the progress that has been made in the gay rights movement. This month-long celebration is designed to help people recognize the value of LGBT individuals in our community while also building support and awareness for this group.

It’s incredible to consider that LGBT History Month wasn’t celebrated until 1994, and that it experienced relatively slow growth at first. However, increasing support for the event has made it possible for more educational resources to be made available to people across the country in an effort to spread the word.

There’s no denying that LGBT individuals continue to face many challenges in our society. By offering our mental health services to people from all walks of life, the OneEighty team hopes to ensure a brighter future for everyone.