Mental Health Vs. Physical Health

Our society has little difficulty understanding the need for physical health treatments. If someone   breaks an arm, we know that they need to get to the emergency room right away. If someone is diagnosed with a brain tumor, we excuse recent erratic shifts in mood or behavior.

Unfortunately, we don’t always apply this same level of understanding to mental health issues. While mental health services professionals are working to change this, there is still much progress that needs to be made.

Providing mental health services in Wayne and Holmes Counties is essential because depression, anxiety, and even conditions like ADHD require understanding and proper treatment. They can be just as debilitating—if not more so—than a physical injury or condition. Mental health problems can impact an individual’s behavior and physical health. When not addressed properly, a mental health issue can deny a person the ability to have a successful career, do well in school or build a positive support group.

In reality, individuals who need the help of mental health services shouldn’t be stigmatized. Rather, their condition should be understood in the same way we view physical health problems—not something that ostracizes them from society, but something that deserves appropriate treatment, support, and care.