Let Us Help You Feel Safe

At OneEighty, we know how difficult it can be for families to escape the cruel cycle of domestic abuse. It can seem impossible to get away from your problems when you don’t have anywhere you can go for safety. This is where we can help.

One of our primary services is to provide emergency shelter and housing for at-risk families. This is especially important when domestic abuse has become a pernicious threat in the home, but it can also make a huge difference when issues related to substance abuse or other mental health issues have contributed to homelessness.

The goal of our housing services is to provide a stable housing situation for vulnerable families, and then help them deal with other issues as needed so they can stabilize their living situation. From help achieving employment to seeking housing subsidies or other forms of assistance, our goal is to put families in a secure, safe environment that allows them to overcome their challenges.

By getting out of a harmful environment and into a new home, you will have the safety and security needed to progress on your road to recovery.