Learn More About OneEighty

OneEighty is a complete multi-faceted health system with a dynamic mission aimed at helping people throughout Wayne County and Holmes County in the state of Ohio.

OneEighty is an organization that officially formed in 2016 when it announced its new name to reflect the group’s mission. Yet, its components have existed for decades in Wayne and Holmes counties.

In 1974, STEPS at Liberty Center started to embark on its mission of offering substance abuse treatment, drug and alcohol intervention, and other treatment services.

At nearly the same time, Every Woman’s House (in 1978) formed with its mission to serve women who were victims of domestic abuse and/or sexual violence. The group used their volunteer efforts to help victims of rape and battered women searching for fresh starts.

By combining those two entities under the OneEighty umbrella, the organization has reorganized itself into the Wayne and Holmes counties community’s premier entity in helping citizens better their lives.

At OneEighty, we strive to offer the best services for individuals in need of a variety of support services to help recover from addiction, mental health issues, domestic abuse, sexual violence, or other issues.

If you wish to learn more about OneEighty, fee free to contact our team.