Learn About Donating Opportunities at OneEighty

There are many people in our community who need help. One in three women and one in four men have experienced some form of domestic violence. Rates of substance abuse are on the rise. The need for mental health services is greater than ever. Even if you haven’t been directly affected by these issues, you can make an impact in your community by donating.

The Need

As a nonprofit institution, OneEighty largely depends on community donations to maintain our support programs. We help over 150 domestic violence victims each year, but we cannot do this alone. The costs add up quicker than you might expect, yet even a small donation can make a big difference in the life of someone who is suffering.

For example, $100 provides one day of shelter for victims and up to two children. $250 ensures we can provide health assessments and an initial counseling session. The needs are great, and we can’t do it without your support.

The Opportunity

To ensure that we can continue to provide mental health services and other vital programs to at-need members of our community, we seek donations year round. Any donation you can make, no matter how small, means the world to us. You can support a life-changing cause to help people change direction and find a better life.

Support Auxiliaries

In addition to making a financial donation, you can also give the gift of time through our volunteer programs and auxiliaries. Volunteers help keep our offices running smoothly, and some can even participate in community events or victim advocacy. Auxiliary groups like RISERS and Friends & Neighbors provide vital assistance through fundraising and community outreach. These groups are great ways to get involved and support our cause!


Whether you are in a position to make a financial donation or can get involved in one of our auxiliary programs, every contribution makes a difference. Your efforts to support victims of domestic violence or those who need mental health services can be truly life-changing.