Knowing When it’s Time to Get Help For Depression

Have you been suffering from symptoms of depression? While many people experience times of sadness, understanding when your “blue” feelings are indicative of something more serious is essential. So when should you seek the help of mental health services for your depressive symptoms? Here are a few warning signs to watch out for.


Feeling depressed for longer than two weeks is one of the first indicators that you should seek counseling. You shouldn’t wait for several months to get helped, as this will only allow your symptoms to worsen.


Of course, the severity of your symptoms also play a large role in whether you should seek out mental health services. If your feelings of sadness or grief are causing you to perform poorly at work or school or negatively impacting your interactions with others, you should seek help. It’s also worth noting that severe cases of depression often impact your physical health as well. You might lose sleep, get sick more easily, or simply feel tired all the time.


There are other, more severe symptoms that indicate you should seek counseling and other support services immediately. If your feelings of depression are causing you to experiment with substance abuse, consider hurting other people, or self-harming, don’t keep your pain bottled up inside. Enlist the help of mental health services right away so you can get through your struggles and have a brighter future.