The Importance of Women’s History Month

In the modern age of the national #MeToo movement, women around the world are beginning to realize they no longer have to settle for the status quo as merely a sex symbol or housekeeper.

But today women across the world — including across Ohio, Wayne County, and Holmes County — are still victims of sexual abuse, sexual violence, domestic violence, and other crimes.

That is why OneEighty feels it is imperative for everyone to recognize the power women actually have and the achievements women have made for themselves and humanity.

Every March, we honor and celebrate Women’s History Month in order to commemorate women of all backgrounds in the fields of science, sports, government, literature, and more.

Throughout Women’s History Month, we can remember and highlight women across the span of history in order to empower women today. We can recognize the achievements of all women who have advanced women’s rights and helped forge a better society.

When we don’t know our history and those who fought before us, our power and dreams are diminished.

So, for the month of March, take time to learn the history behind accomplishments made by women and how women helped shape history