The History of Human Rights Day, December 10th

December 10 is Human Rights Day, a worldwide commemoration of the inalienable rights all human beings should be able to enjoy. Here at OneEighty, we strongly believe in this important initiative, knowing that everyone has a right to live free of violence and discrimination. Here is what you should know about this important commemoration.

The History of Human Rights Day

Human Rights Day began as a way to commemorate the United Nations General Assembly’s adoption of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. This document was drafted in 1948 to list universal values and goals of achievement for everyone around the world. Translated into over 500 languages, this document makes it clear that regardless of their background or where they live, all human beings should be able to enjoy equal treatment and justice.

The document outlines key rights that should be enjoyed by all people and stands against harmful practices like slavery or arbitrary arrest.

The Goals of Human Rights Day

By commemorating the adoption of this important document, Human Rights Day seeks to spread awareness of the need for universal human rights and sustainable development. By focusing on the humanity we share with others, we can be better empowered to take a stand against violence and injustice. Promoting the freedom and equal treatment of all ultimately helps everyone.

Though we have many great resources at OneEighty, we can’t support Human Rights Day and other important causes on our own. We depend on you — our local community — to ensure that those in need gain access to the things that will help them live a safe, happy, and fulfilling life. Reach out today to see how you can get involved!