Helping a Loved One Dealing with Addiction

Addiction is a devastating disease that can have a far-reaching impact. If someone you love is struggling with substance abuse, educating yourself about this issue will prove essential for getting help for you and your family.

Getting Support for You

The impact of a loved one’s substance abuse can create significant problems for those closest to them. By learning more about addiction through reliable sources, you can better understand what resources are available to help you and your family. Many family members find it beneficial to join a support group or seek counseling to help them cope with the challenges created by addiction. There are also other support groups that are available such as Al-ANON and Nar-ANON.

Understanding the Recovery Process

An essential part of educating yourself about addiction includes understanding the recovery process. This will help you have more realistic expectations about how long the recovery process will take, as well as the fact that it can take time before someone is willing to seek help. As part of this, learn to avoid enabling behaviors. Providing financial support to an addict can essentially remove the negative consequences of their behavior, which could make it take longer before they are willing to seek help.

How OneEighty Helps

At OneEighty, we offer a wide array of addiction recovery programs to help individuals overcome their substance abuse. From counseling and group therapy to medication-assisted treatment, our goal is to provide personalized help and create a support system that helps both the addict and their loved ones. 

If you have questions or concerns about how to seek help for you or a loved one, contact us at 330.264.8498! Our team is ready to help you on the road to recovery.