Help Others By Getting Involved

Helping local members of our community escape the harmful effects of domestic violence, addiction, and other challenges isn’t always an easy task. Because of this, OneEighty believes in forming strong local partnerships to strengthen our community as a whole—and to allow you to get involved and help others.

There are many ways you can get involved in our work here at OneEighty. Volunteers plays a central role in our recovery services. Even seemingly simple tasks like providing maintenance work or helping in our donation room can have a great impact for good by ensuring that everything runs smoothly. In addition to this behind-the-scenes assistance, many volunteers have the opportunity to work directly with some of our clients.

OneEighty also partners with several affiliate organizations to promote awareness of domestic violence and addiction, and to find strategies to prevent these problems in local youth. Affiliate groups such as Friends & Neighbors, RISERS, and Chippewa Cares Coalition provide fantastic opportunities for you to join forces with other community members in this important effort.

Every contribution helps—not just to keep OneEighty running, but also to change lives. No matter how you choose to get involved, you’ll be making a difference.