Get Involved In Your Community!

Before families prepare to get ready to go back to school in Wayne and Holmes Counties, it’s important to take a step back and reflect on your efforts to give back to your community. Getting involved in your community — either through your church, a social organization, giving back on your own time, or volunteering at your child’s school — is a rewarding experience with many ripple effects. A community becomes your place in the world. It allows you and your family to have a sense of place and develop ties that will stay with you wherever life may take you. Through getting involved in your community, you have the opportunity to make great friends and even shape the direction of your community.

When you get involved through volunteer efforts, you are able to strengthen your community through your own actions. And a stronger community has a way of lifting up everyone who lives in it. And despite the fact many of us struggle with juggling time between our jobs and families, getting involved in your community can be a fun and simple activity to bring your family closer together by selecting just one or two efforts each year to dive into. Your involvement can help solve a problem and also feels good. Helping others is a rewarding experience where you can meet new people, even in a small community.

Everyone has talents or skills that can be used to better the community as a whole, further develop your skills, create some confidence in yourself, and to make a positive difference in the world. So what are you waiting for? Get involved in your community now by volunteering today. Start by contacting OneEighty or finding information about our volunteer programs on our website:, to see how you can begin to make a difference.