Get Involved in Your Community

At OneEighty, we strive to help residents of Wayne and Holmes counties recover from domestic violence, obtain sexual assault services, and combat substance abuse and mental health issues.

So, we rely heavily on volunteers to provide several of the vital services required to assist others in overcoming the odds and better their lives.

Our volunteers are treated like employees and a part of the greater OneEighty family and help our organization do more for the community at large in a variety of ways.

There are numerous ways our volunteers can help in our mission and get involved in the community.

With varying levels of volunteer positions available (at different levels of client involvement) there is literally a chance for anyone to advance OneEighty closer to its goal of helping our community members towards bettering their circumstances.

Additionally, there are two support groups — the RISERS and the Friends & Neighbors of OneEighty (in both Wayne and Holmes Counties) — who each help OneEighty with fundraising efforts to advance the organization’s mission.

Specifically, Friends & Neighbors also serves as OneEighty’s public relations in promoting the group’s shelter and services for domestic abuse victims.

RISERS mission is to fight the stigma of addiction and help to keep our substance abuse treatment services accessible to all in the community.

We encourage you to contact OneEighty if you wish to help the organization’s mission and want to get more involved in the community.