Get Educated on Community Health & Wellness

At One Eighty, we believe that increasing awareness of the issues surrounding substance abuse and domestic violence are essential for improving our community’s health and wellness. The better our local citizens understand the challenges surrounding these issues, as well as what can be done to resolve them, the better equipped we’ll all be to provide necessary support to those in need.

At OneEighty, we primarily accomplish this by offering prevention and education services to our community. Our trainings and educational programs seek to help schools, businesses, and other community groups understand the perils of substance abuse, the warning signs of domestic violence, and other important issues.

By increasing understanding of how these problems affect both individuals and our community as a whole, it becomes easier for people to know where they can turn for help. Even more importantly, it creates a less judgmental atmosphere where friends and family are more willing to offer appropriate support to those struggling with these issues.

If you feel that your organization could benefit from our prevention and education services, please contact us today! By increasing knowledge and understanding, we can all have a greater impact for good in our community.