The First Steps in Overcoming Addiction

Recognizing you have a problem with drugs or alcohol is the first step toward recovery, but what comes after that? Many people struggle with determining what their next steps should be on the path to overcoming addiction.

After recognizing that you have a problem, you need to start taking key steps to remove harmful influences from your life. For many people, this involves cutting off relationships with those who promote drug or alcohol use. Seeking professional substance abuse counseling is another vital step during this stage.

Making the decision to remove yourself from negative relationships and enter a substance abuse counseling program requires courage and determination, but it is essential for those who wish to achieve a lasting recovery. Prior to counseling, you must have a formal assessment by a certified counselor.  At OneEighty, we offer walk-in assessments so we can offer immediate assistance when you want to start the process.  You may need to go through a detoxification process to safely stop using harmful substances. Counseling and support systemsn (i.e 12 step programs) will help you to learn and practice valuable coping mechanisms to deal with addiction triggers.

By cutting out negative influences and replacing them with positive habits, you can develop the strength necessary to change your future. As you develop the skills to cope with the ups and downs of life, you’ll be prepared to transition into a brighter future that is free from addiction. It all starts with your own determination and willingness to change and seek help.