Finding the Help You Need for Your Addiction

Regardless of whether you struggle with alcohol or prescription drugs, substance abuse can have a devastating toll on your physical, mental, and emotional well-being. While seeking help from addiction services can be a scary step, in many cases, it’s an absolutely vital process if you wish to avoid many of the terrible consequences of prolonged addiction.

At OneEighty, we offer a wide range of addiction services to help you and your loved ones receive the appropriate level of support to overcome substance abuse. We offer intensive inpatient programs to help individuals deal with chemical dependency, including medically assisted treatments that reduce the intensity of opioid withdrawal symptoms.

Lasting recovery is an individual process that requires much more than medical treatments, however. Our addiction services also include group therapy, outpatient services, and individualized case management to help you deal with the root problems contributing to and related to your substance abuse.

Our program even includes a residential treatment facility and recovery housing designed to help you transition back to society and become a productive member of the local community, setting you on the path for lasting success.

The most important step in overcoming addiction is asking for help. Contact OneEighty today, and we can assess your situation and help you find the treatment options that will work best on your road to recovery.