Find the Treatment You Need for Your Recovery

At OneEighty, we are committed to helping people change direction, no matter what type of struggles they are facing in their life. Whether you are struggling with addiction or trying to escape domestic violence, we are here to help you.

OneEighty’s Treatment Options

At OneEighty, we focus on a wide range of issues that impact many members of our community. In addition to substance abuse treatment, we also provide mental health services and comprehensive support for victims of domestic violence and sexual assault. 

These programs are adapted to the needs of the individual. For example, our substance abuse treatment program options include counseling, outpatient programs, group treatment, residential services, and recovery housing. Victims of domestic violence have access to counseling, emergency shelter, victim advocacy, and more. Each program is customized to your individual situation.

Additional Resources

You don’t need to become a program participant to start changing your life. We also provide several additional resources to help individuals and families better understand the issues they may be facing and take the first steps toward changing their lives. From attending an AA meeting to learning more about signs of abuse, these resources can help you on the path to change.


Don’t wait to get the help you need. You can make an appointment at one of our three locations so you can start receiving necessary support. You can also call our crisis hotline at (800) 686-1122 if you need immediate assistance.