Encouraging the Caregivers in Your Life

Caregivers are the people in our lives we turn to in times of need. But who do the caregivers turn to when they need help or words of encouragement?

Individuals who take care of their sick family members or friends are caregivers. The job can be tough and full of turmoil on certain days. Being a caregiver is often a thankless job without fanfare. Caregivers are silent helpers who ask for little or nothing in return for their help to others in need. 

If you know a person who is a caregiver, there are ways you can help encourage them and show your support. 

Start by encouraging caregivers — and reminding them — that it is OK to stop and take a breath. It is encouraged that caregivers take 15 minutes to sit still and meditate. They need to remember they are not alone and they can ask for help whenever they need it.

Also, it’s completely fine to admit their own limitations and not think they are horrible people for asking for help. 

It’s also important to remind caregivers to have patience and remember that the people they take care of are in pain. If a person is in need, and they yell at their caregiver, it’s because that person is in suffering physically or mentally. Remind caregivers that they need to take care of themselves first, or they will be unable to care for others. Caregivers also need help just like everyone else. They do not need to feel overwhelmed.

Try to find support groups for them or offer a helping hand where you can. 

If you or someone you know is a caregiver for another person, remind them (or yourself) of these so you can continue providing the best care for a loved one. Contact OneEighty for additional resources for caregivers, even if you need someone to speak to about your situation.