Department Spotlight September (Recovery Month)

  • “A coach is someone who tells you what you don't want to hear, who has you see what you don't want to see, so you can be who you have always known you could be.”= Tom Landry

Peer Recovery Services

Peer Recovery Services (PRS) are community-based services for individuals with mental illness and/or substance use disorder, and consist of activities that promote recovery, self-determination, self-advocacy, well-being, and independence. Peer Recovery Services are individualized, recovery-focused and based on a relationship that support’s a person’s ability to promote their own recovery.Peer Recovery Services promote self-directed recovery by assisting an individual and promoting trauma informed care and diversity competence, encouraging self-direction, and advocating for informed choice. Certified Peer Supporters have direct lived experience who self-identify as being in recovery from substance abuse and has been certified by Ohio Mental Health and Addiction Services. Peer Supporters help clients with:

Ongoing exploration of recovery needs
Supporting individuals in achieving personal independence
Encouraging hope
Developing and working toward achievement of personal recovery
Modeling personal responsibility in recovery
Assisting with accessing and developing a natural support system in the community
Promoting coordination and linkage among similar providers
Conducting outreach
Attending and participating in treatment
Assisting individuals in development of empowerment skills through self-advocacy and activities that reduce stigma and inspire hope.

Peer Supporters work with various community partners such as Drug Court, Family Dependency Court, and Wayne County Sheriff’s Department to ensure the best outcomes for individuals dealing with substance abuse and living in society.They also work in various levels of treatment throughout the agency to improve the client’s chances of continuing their journey with recovery.Peer Supporters stay consistent in their support of our clients and often bridge the gap between a client and other treatment staff. They relate to the client on a personal level meeting them where they are spiritually, mentally, and physically. Peer Supporters lead by example by living their own recovery in this community and showing clients that long-term recovery is possible.

Meet the Staff

Samuel Frisone, Peer Recovery Coordinator
Sam has been employed with One Eighty, Inc. since May 29, 2018. He was hired as a Recovery Housing Recovery Coach. In October 2018 he was promoted to Peer Recovery Coordinator, supervising the Peer Support staff and One Eighty’s Recovery Housing Program.
He is a certified Peer Supporter and received his Chemical Dependency Counselor Assistant license. He began his personal journey in recovery in February 1999.
Sam enjoys working for One Eighty and helping people in recovery. He currently lives in Stark County with his dog, Buster.
Jill Adams, Evaluation and Outreach Coordinator/Recovery Coach Team Lead
Jill has worked at OneEighty since March 2019. Being a Peer Supporter is very important to her.  She feels as if a higher power placed this opportunity before her. It is her desire to help others find their path to recovery whatever that may be for them.  Life is worth living well and she wants to help everyone she can to do that.
   As a Team Leader for the Peer Support Department she has been blessed to work with the best Recovery Coaches this state has to offer. “We are a diverse staff of passionate individuals who see the best in those we serve and work tirelessly to help our clients see their potential.”  She takes pride in providing the staff with support and encouragement wherever possible.  Jill reports to Sam Frisone who provides her with encouraging direction daily while giving her new challenges to increase her knowledge and potential.   
Jill started her Peer Support Journey in 2009 at Community Services of Stark County later known as CommQuest Inc.  She worked with youth and young adults that were homeless or at imminent risk of homelessness, had mental health and/or AOD issues with a grant called the S.H.E.L.T.E.R. Grant.  She eventually moved her way up to the Housing Support Specialist and then Case Manager at CommQuest,Inc. 
    Jill began her bumpy journey to recovery in 2011. She embraces the ups and downs of recovery.  She worked the 12-step program which has brought clarity and joy to her life.
She is a  mother of 3 beautiful children ages 23, 7 and 5. Her oldest is working on her master’s degree at Cleveland State University to become a Clinical Psychologist and a CDC.  Her younger children are working their very hardest to get through second grade and kindergarten.  Jill’s goal with the little ones, every day, is to prevent them from killing each other. 

Debra Strickler, Recovery Coach and OASIS Coordinator
Debra has been employed with OneEighty since 2014 and holds two positions. She is the coordinator at the Oasis Recovery Club and a Recovery Coach. Before being employed at OneEighty she worked in factories or restaurants. Now she feels like she has a career helping others.
   As the OASIS Coordinator she is responsible for providing a safe and supportive place for people in recovery. In her position she schedules staff (all volunteers) , orders, and plan events while following through with the  health department requirements.  She may even shoot a game of pool occasionally but her true passion is bringing families back together.
In her position as a Recovery Coach she attends Felony Drug Court and meets with those individually and others outside of court to provide extra support and to help them overcome many of life’s challenges.     Everyone has different needs, so it is important that she is open minded, compassionate as well as knowledge of resources.  As a Recovery Coach she also helps build self-confidence, improves decision making, explain healthy boundaries and provide relapse prevention skills.
Debra was born and raised in Ohio. She is a mother to three amazing adult children and is called Gigi by her adorable grandson. She enjoys spending time with her family and friends, cookouts, vacations, and trying new crafts.
Mike/Anne North, Lead Housing Recovery Coach
Mike/Anne oversee the daily operations of 2 Transitional Houses, 8 Recovery Houses, and provide one on one recovery coaching to clients. She has a CPRS, CDCA, and is currently working on her degree in social work. Mike/Anne been in recovery since 2014.
She is the mother of 2 children; Jacob 22, Hailee 14, and has a granddaughter, Raelynn who is 7 months old.  She loves nature, being barefoot, and the outdoors.
Drew Sherwood, Housing Recovery Coach
Drew has worked for One Eighty for about a year and a half. In his position he reports to Mike/Anne and assist with overseeing 8 Recovery Houses and 2 Transitional Houses. He is also a Peer Supporter who meets with individuals one on one to work on their dreams and aspirations.  He enjoys helping others and loves the diversity of his position. 
Drew went through One Eighty for treatment services in April 2016 (at Pathway) and then through the Recovery Housing program (at Brian’s House) in March 2017. He enjoys spending time with his family, friends, and his wonderful girlfriend MaKayla, and their 2 cats named Ember and Rahmadi.
Duane Vance, Recovery Coach
Duane has worked at OneEighty since October 2017.  He was born July 12, 1964 and has lived in and around Wayne County for most of his life. 
Duane been clean and sober since 9/20/2012.  He is visually impaired and has a service dog to help him get around. 
He is both a Browns and a Packers fan and enjoys going to AA meetings, camping and just being outdoors.
Michelle Graves, Criminal Justice Recovery Coach
Michelle has been with One-Eighty for the last 12 years. She has three sons, five grandchildren, and Juan who is her significant other. She will celebrate 20 years of sobriety on September 28, 2020. Her purpose is to be there for the addict that is still sick and suffering.
Lori Radakovich, Recovery Club Recovery Coach
Lori has been employed with OneEighty since 2019.  She spends most of her time at the Oasis Recovery Club helping those that may need to have a seed planted early in their recovery. She helps them become more familiar with the 12 step meetings in town and how to further their treatment at OneEighty, if they feel they need it. She works closely with The Oasis Recovery Club coordinator to plan events that are educational and fun for the recovery community. She meets with clients in detox, residential, transitional housing and more. In her role as a Recovery Coach she helps them reach their goals, set healthy boundaries, and helps them see the importance of having fun and fulfillment in recovery.
  Lori Radakovich has a BA from Cleveland State and her MA in sociology from University of Akron. She also has received her CPRS and CDCA.  Lori entered recovery herself in 2017 and was also a client of OneEighty. She has intimate knowledge of the agency as well as the Wooster community. She treasures being able to help other people with their life experience both within OneEighty and the local community.
As a child, Lori has lived all over the continental United States due to her father being an NFL and college football coach. Coaching/teaching of some nature has always come easily to her. She is the youngest of four children. She has lived in Ohio for the last twenty years and has loved raising her two wonderful daughters in Wayne county. One daughter is attending college in Oregon; the other is a senior at Wooster High School. Lori enjoys helping others, being outside in nature, hiking, planting her garden, reading, and growing in her own recovery.
Taneal Lamb, Family Peer Mentor Recovery Coach
Taneal who is in recovery herself helps families navigate their way to recovery and support them on their journey.
She is a mother, a wife, and a good friend. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her family hiking, kayaking, painting, and going on adventures. Her mission in life is to serve anyone in need.

Christina, Recovery Coach