Department Spotlight MAY

MAY DEPARTMENT OF THE MONTH: Outpatient Services/Department

Outpatient Department has several programs and services open to the community. The services provide are coordinated with other programs available at OneEighty; Medical Services, Residential Services, Victim’s Services, Peer Support Services, Housing Services, and Community Partners (Children Services, Jail Services, and Probation Departments). OneEighty Outpatient Department offers 55 to 65 group services a week. This includes coverage at our residential treatment centers which have increased services by 20 additional hours of group a week.

Director: Clinical Director for OneEighty, Gina Patterson, Psy.D.
Gina has been employed at OneEighty since 2002.  She is a licensed psychologist and a certified clinical trauma professional.  She specializes in counseling with trauma survivors.  In addition to overseeing the Outpatient Department, she also oversee Victim Services, the shelter and the Housing Department. 
“I love working at OneEighty!  The staff are fantastic and provide great care to our clients.”- Gina Patterson

Manager: Cheryl Thomas PhD, LPCC-S, LIMFT-S, LICDC-CS, Motivational Interviewing, Outpatient Manager directly supervisees team leaders.  ​

Team Leaders:
Lynn Layfield, LISW-S,MSW, Team Leader, Motivational Interviewing, Intensive Outpatient Services (Supervises):
               Gloria McAlister, PCC-S, Millersburg Intensive Outpatient(retired February 4th, 2021)
               Paula Shearer, LISW-S, Millersburg Intensive Outpatient
               Denise E. Outpatient Counselor- Millersburg
               Barbara Pack, Outpatient Counselor
               Tina Tabler, Outpatient Counselor
Abigail Russell, LPCC, LMFT, CDCA and FDTC (Family Drug Treatment Courts) representative, Team Leader, Equine Certification in Training, Outpatient Services (Supervises)
                Kathy Fox, PhD, Psychologist, DVRA Coordination, Milltown Family Physicians and Main Office
                Marjorie Cusick, LIMFT-S, Trauma focused, Julia’s House Shelter
                Jaimee Harpster, PC, Main Office
                Melissa Riskin, Outpatient Counselor
                Bob Hurdle, LISW-S, per as needed.
Piper Davidson, LPCC-S, Justice Center Counselor, Team Leader Motivational Interviewing, Criminal Justice, Outpatient Services (Supervises):
                Alex, PCC, Cadet Counselor, Motivational Interviewing, Wayne County Jail (Navigator Lead)
                Joanna, PCC, CBT Counselor, Wayne County Jail
                Becky, LSW, Group Counselor, Holmes County Jail
Piper and her team:
Alex runs the CADET program at the jail, providing groups twice per day for the males in the morning and the women in the afternoon. CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) is offered by Joanna and is offered twice a day on Tuesdays/Thursdays servicing the women in the morning and the men in the afternoon. The team also run a weekly psychoeducational group titled Substance Abuse Education (SAE) on Wednesday mornings for both the women and men. Alex also runs the SAE group. Piper is the mental health services coordinator/team leader, she keeps the office running cooperatively and efficiently. She is also currently providing clinical supervision to Julie, jail intern, and supervision training to Alex, of which she does a phenomenal job (according to Alex!). Piper sees clients individually in crisis situations and to perform state-required screenings on any inmate who will be here 10 days or longer. Piper is responsible for screening clients for their interest in groups and then filters them back to Alex and Joanna to keep engagement consistent. Additionally, we as a team aid in referring clients to OneEighty services/residential treatment from the jail and can facilitate referrals for Vivitrol (Medication Assisted Treatment) before clients leave incarceration. Piper coordinates care for those clients who are interested/engaged in treatment services with other community agencies such as The Counseling Center and AnaZao prior to release.
Prior to COVID-19, Becky ran the AOD (Alcohol and other Drugs) groups in the Holmes County Jail and facilitated referrals to OneEighty programs following release from Holmes County jail. She has since been a tremendous asset to the OneEighty main office and residential programs, assisting in treatment service provision throughout our current health crisis.
Becky would just like to add that although she doesn’t work in the Wayne county jail, that “all the ladies at that jail are always very supportive and helpful to me.  They are a great team to work with.”
Jennifer Peterson, LISW-S, Clinical Hospital Coordinator/Team Leader
Lance Darling-Mellot, PC, Assessments, Aftercare Main Office
Lindsay Becanson, LSW, Assessments, Basics Main office
Becky Croft, Outpatient Counselor
Dawn Peters, Outpatient Counselor
A highlight happening in outpatient:
Team for Motivational Interviewing Training, Partnership on a Grant with NNED Learning Initiative in New Mexico:
Lynn is leading this project. Alex is the co-leader for this project.

24 Treatment Navigator:
Outpatient services department recently implemented (January 2019) a 24-hour hotline for referral for assessment/treatment/detox services. The number can be called at any time for assistance in gaining access to services. This hotline is operated by a rotating group of clinicians and nurses to provide adequate assistance for those in need. (If allowed you could add the number 330-466-0678).


Licensures represented:
PC Professional Counselor under supervision
PCC Professional Clinical Counselor Independently licensed
LMFT Marriage and Family Therapist/Counselor, under supervision
LIMFT Licensed Independent Marriage and Family Therapist/Counselor
LICDC Licensed Independent Chemical Dependency Counselor
LSW Licensed Social Worker under supervision
LISW Licensed Independent Social Worker
S Supervisor
CS Counselor Supervisor