Celebrate Women’s Equality Day!

Every August in the United States, we commemorate Women’s Equality Day to remind us of the long struggles fought by past generations. Women and men alike spent decades fighting for equal voting and civil rights for women of all races. Women’s Equality Day specifically remembers the passage of the 19th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution on Aug. 26, which granted women the right to vote, a right that was granted to men from the nation’s birth.

Women would not be granted the right to vote until 1920, even though the 19th Amendment was first introduced in 1878. In 1971, the United States Congress designated August 26th as “Women’s Equality Day,” in order to remind future generations that women were previously regarded as second-class citizens. The day is also meant to honor those who struggled for equality for women across the country.

Now more than ever, the rights of women need to be protected and women across the globe must be reminded of their importance on the world’s stage. But we must remember that even with hard-earned victories, while vastly important to pushing forward the lives of women, that there is still much more work to be done to ensure that women are in fact treated as equal. And lastly, on this important day, we seek to remember all of those who pushed for women’s suffrage.

This August 26th, we invite you to celebrate Women’s Equality Day with us at OneEighty and the rest of the Wayne County and Holmes County communities. For more information on this important day, and resources to help you celebrate, visit the National Women’s History Project’s website at nwhp.com.