Celebrate International Women’s Day!

Here are at OneEighty, we are big believers in the importance of International Women’s Day. As an agency who actively advocates for women’s rights and for their voice to be heard when dealing with domestic violence, sexual assault, mental health and substance abuse.

The History of International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day is celebrated on March 8 to celebrate the many achievements of women and to advocate for greater gender equality in our world. The celebration began in 1909, when National Woman’s Day was celebrated in the United States. In 1911, several European countries began celebrating International Women’s Day. It was officially recognized by the UN in 1975 and has continued to grow significantly.

How Can You Observe Women’s Day?

One of the best ways to observe International Women’s Day is to talk about it! Here at OneEighty, we see firsthand how gender inequality impacts women, and it is our mission to help any one that needs our services. You can also make a difference by encouraging and listening to the women in your life. There is strength in unity.

One fun way to get involved is by wearing purple or green. The color purple has long been associated with women and the concepts of dignity and justice, while green signifies hope — powerful sentiments for this day. 

We hope you’ll join OneEighty in celebrating International Women’s Day and using it as an opportunity to advocate for further changes. By helping people change direction and becoming better informed about the issues women face, we can create meaningful change.