Celebrate Equality Day!

Women’s Equality Day is very much about celebrating the achievements that women have made within society. It is just as importantly, however, an opportunity for us to take stock of the ways that inequality and discrimination may still exist so that we work to eradicate them and guarantee equal rights for all people. So, what are some ways that you can celebrate while being mindful of the work that still needs to be done?

Educate yourself and those around you about the history of women’s rights, as well as the ways in which women and girls at home and abroad are still subject to discrimination. While your society has made steps in the right direction over the past generations, there is still work to be done when it comes to fostering equality for women and for all people, especially other minorities who experience discrimination here and around the world.

Show your support for organizations that promote equal treatment for women. The United Nations’ Women Watch website is a great resource to start with. The Center for Women's Global Leadership, the Global Fund for Women, the Women's Human Rights Resources and Women's International League for Peace & Freedom are also influential organizations that could use your support in their cause to promote equality for women.