Caring for a Loved One Who is in Recovery

Helping a loved one recover from the devastating impact of drug and alcohol abuse can be challenging and time-consuming. Despite the challenges, helping someone break free from the shackles of addiction can be one of the most rewarding things you ever experience. But how can you best care for a loved one who is in recovery? Smart planning can make a big difference.

First, start by determining how much support you can (and should) provide on a daily basis. If your child is in recovery, having him live with you until he can function independently may be the best solution. If you are supporting a friend, on the other hand, daily visits or simply being “on call” to offer help is likely the better option. Providing basic needs like transportation or even just a listening ear will make a huge difference for your loved one.

As important as it is to provide support to your loved one during the recovery process, you can’t neglect your own personal needs. No matter what your situation, setting boundaries will be essential so that you don’t stretch yourself too thin.

Many caretakers find relief from attending support groups or simply scheduling time to go out with other friends and family. Even simple things like making sure you get enough sleep each night will ensure that you have the emotional and physical strength to deal with your responsibilities as a caretaker.