Are You in a Violent Relationship?

Nobody expects to enter a relationship where violence and domestic abuse become the norm. Unfortunately, far too many people become trapped in a cycle of violence in part because they weren’t able to recognize some of the early warning signs.


So what behaviors should you watch out for? Jealousy and a controlling attitude are often some of the earliest signs that your relationship could turn violent. A partner may call excessively, or interrogate you constantly about where you’ve been and who you’ve been talking to. In some situations, your partner may even attempt to isolate you from friends and family, denying permission to go anywhere alone.


Other warning signs that violence could occur in your relationship include hypersensitivity — easily feeling insulted, and often blaming you or others for negative feelings. If anything goes wrong in your partner’s life, you get the blame, even if you had nothing to do with the problem. Erratic mood swings may also occur.


By far the most dangerous warning signs are when your partner verbally abuses you and your children. In many of these situations, an abusive partner may even make threats of physical violence or admit at having abused other romantic partners in the past. You should never overlook these threats — they almost always eventually lead to actual acts of violence. Instead, seek the help you need so you can get out of the relationship before things get even worse.