All of OneEighty’s Programs

There are a wide range of problems that impact the wellbeing of our community — and here at OneEighty, we’re striving to do our part to address many of these issues. Here’s a brief look at some of the programs we provide:

Domestic Violence Services: We work tirelessly to help victims of domestic violence and sexual assault escape danger, find shelter and support to offer hope for a bright future. From victim advocacy, professional counseling and coordinating community responses to emergency shelter to being the rape crisis center for Wayne and Holmes Counties, we strive to help victims find safety and support their needs to restore hope in their lives.

Substance Use Disorder: Addiction has tragic results in the lives of many individuals, but lasting recovery is possible. Our treatment programs are based on a Recovery Oriented System of Care (ROSC), focusing on recovery being a lifelong journey with services to help at each stage. These evidence-based approaches are what produce the greatest outcomes and lasting results.

Mental Health Services: Daily life and struggles may lead to many varied mental health issues.  There are many co-occurring conditions that healthcare providers must be aware of to treat the whole person. Addiction, domestic violence, chronic illnesses, all frequently result in depression, anxiety, and other mental health challenges which add to the illnesses. Our licensed counselors help individuals work through their challenges from a multi-disciplinary approach that is proven to deliver the best, possible outcomes.

Housing and Supportive Services: We believe the first step to solving the many issues surrounding homelessness is by treating it as a housing problem. By helping homeless individuals find shelter, it becomes that much easier to help those experiencing homelessness to address the factors that may be contributing to their situation. Once in homes, we also offer assistance and training to help them maintain housing.

Community Health and Wellness Programs: The efforts we undertake at OneEighty become far more effective when the entire community is involved. This is why we work closely with area schools, businesses and community groups to inform the community about substance use, addiction, domestic violence, safe relationships, sexual assault and other serious issues. Spreading awareness can help erase stigmas, offer prevention practices to help reduce problems before they start and help at-risk individuals get the help they need early on.