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The Importance of Surrounding Yourself With Positivity

By OneEighty / November 30, 2017

Does positive thinking work? Whether trying to maintain sobriety or escape the dangers of domestic violence, surrounding yourself with positive thinking influences is essential for lasting success in life. Ultimately, a lot of positive thinking has to do with the people you surround yourself with. This doesn’t mean that you can only spend time with…

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Comforting Someone Who is Struggling

By OneEighty / November 6, 2017

Domestic abuse. Alcoholism. These are just a few of the issues that can create serious struggles in a person’s life. Even relatively minor setbacks can cause someone to suffer deep emotional pain. So how can you provide appropriate comfort to someone who is struggling? Seeking to understand and validate a struggling person’s feelings is perhaps…

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How to Spot the Warning Signs of Declining Mental Health

By OneEighty / July 3, 2017

A good friend suddenly stops showing up to social events and barely returns your calls or texts. A family member seems to become increasingly irate over small inconveniences. How can you tell if someone you care about is just going through a difficult time or if they are actually showing the early warning signs of…

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Why is Counseling Important for Your Mental Health?

By OneEighty / June 22, 2017

Whether you’ve been the victim of domestic violence or have been struggling with addiction, few tools are more important on your road to recovery than counseling. Counseling can play a crucial role in helping you overcome the mental and emotional challenges associated with your situation so you can make lasting, positive changes. What is it…

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Becoming an Emotionally Strong and Independent Woman

By OneEighty / March 12, 2017

Regardless of whether you’re trying to overcome the heartbreaking impacts of domestic violence or your own struggles with alcoholism, becoming an emotionally strong woman won’t just help you improve your self-worth and find inspiration on the road to recovery—it will also help you make significant changes in the world around you. How do you become…

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