The Importance of High Self-Esteem


We often hear self-esteem referenced. But what is self-esteem and why does our level of self-esteem matter?


The dictionary definition of the word esteem is “respect and admiration.” So, self-esteem could be simply defined as respecting and admiring yourself. The American Psychological Association defines self-esteem as “the degree to which the qualities and characteristics contained in one’s self-concept are perceived to be positive.” Self-esteem is not only how you feel about yourself, but it is also respecting yourself as a whole. It is believing that you and your beliefs, feelings and ideas have worth. This positive personal regard is an important factor in whether we take care of ourselves or not.

What High Self-Esteem is NOT

High self-esteem doesn’t mean that you love everything about yourself. It doesn’t mean that you think you are perfect. It is not egotism or conceit. It doesn’t even depend on your current circumstances or other people’s estimation of your physical qualities. Rather it is a generally positive view of yourself paired with self-respect, where you value yourself as a whole and are able to treat yourself accordingly. Even if the actions of others have caused you to question your self-worth, it is entirely possible to combat this negativity when you rally behind yourself.

Why Self-Esteem Matters

High self-esteem boosts mental well-being, helps you to handle adversity in a positive manner, and helps you to develop healthy coping skills. If your self-concept is low, this can make you more vulnerable to depression. If low self-esteem is causing you to feel bad about yourself, this could make it more difficult to lead a fulfilling life and harder to have positive relationships with others. This lessened respect for one’s self can also increase the possibility of risky behavior or dangerous choices.

Building up self-esteem takes determination, but it is absolutely possible. If you believe that low self-esteem has become a detriment to your life and you need help to start silencing negative self-talk and begin valuing yourself, it may be helpful to work with a professional. Feel free call our Main Office at 330.264.8498 to learn more about the services we offer.

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