What People Don’t Tell You About Dealing with Sexual Assault


Being a victim and survivor of sexual assault and/or rape is a terrible experience no one wishes on another individual.

Here are some things you may not hear on your journey.

Some days are just literally terrible. There are, quite frankly, some days you will not be able to get the visions out of your head and the events will replay over and again. You may lay around and cry all day.

But life will go on, whether or not you want it to. And you will endure.

There will be other days when you panic. A similar experience may come along reminding you of your experience. It may be difficult to be intimate with someone for a while.

It is your job to remember that your experience was something that happened to you. You are not damaged and are not defined by what happened. Everyone has their own journey.

Most importantly, remember there will be days and a time when you can put what happened behind you. You will smile, laugh, and live a normal life.

If you or someone you know is a victim of sexual assault, contact OneEighty’s Rape Crisis Center for sexual assault services in Wayne and Holmes counties. Call the 24-Hour Crisis Hotline at 800.686.1122

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