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OneEighty provides comprehensive addiction, domestic violence, mental health, and behavioral health services to families and individuals in Wayne and Holmes counties. We seek to help individuals in our community get the support they need. However, this is a mission we cannot accomplish on our own. Volunteers are essential to keeping our local care facilities running smoothly.

The Volunteer Application Process

Volunteering at OneEighty starts by filling out our application form. Besides providing basic contact information, this form also gives us an opportunity to know what type of volunteer work someone might be interested in, as well as availability and any special skills or prior volunteer experience.

After we receive and reviewed a volunteer application form, we check references and then schedule an interview. Some positions also require additional drug testing and a background check.

Volunteer Levels

OneEighty uses three volunteer levels to describe the different types of work and level of involvement with clients. Each position requires some level of training, with more training needed for higher-level work.

At level one, volunteers primarily help with tasks like working in our donation room, or cleaning and performing maintenance at our facilities. These volunteers don’t have direct contact with clients, nor do they deal with confidential information.

Level two volunteers have limited contact with confidential information and the community. They may be involved in community outreach (such as planning special events), or working as an office assistant to help with planning and organization.

Finally, level three volunteers have the most direct contact with our clients and confidential information. Roles include working as a shelter volunteer, residential treatment facility volunteer, or even a hospital advocate for domestic violence victims.

No matter what level of involvement a volunteer is comfortable with, their contribution matters. By helping OneEighty, volunteers make a meaningful difference in our community. If you’d like to learn more about our current volunteer opportunities, please contact us at info@one-eighty.org.

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