The Importance of Community Health & Wellness


An informed community is key to spreading awareness and preventing many of the issues associated with addiction and domestic violence. Even in Wayne County and Holmes County, these problems are more widespread than many people realize. This is why OneEighty offers prevention and education services — to help the entire community come together and achieve change.

As valuable as it is for professional counselors and medical professionals to provide their services to victims of domestic violence and those struggling with addiction, success outside the program is only possible when the community as a whole is willing to lend its support. Quite often, however, this is hindered by false assumptions and negative stigmas.

When community members are educated on these serious issues, they become more sympathetic to the plight of those around them. They become better equipped to identify those in need and provide appropriate support. Many even go on to participate in community coalitions, volunteering to serve those in recovery.

Addiction and domestic violence aren’t going to disappear anytime soon. But as more people in the community spread awareness and provide support, it will become that much easier for those who are suffering to get treatment and care. Better yet, it will make prevention more achievable — and when this happens, the health and wellness of the entire community will improve.

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