Partial Hospitalization Program: An Addiction Treatment Option to Meet Your Needs

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When you hear the term Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP), your first thought might be that the program takes place in a hospital. And in some cases, this is true. But at OneEighty, PHP is a program offered in their continuum of care that delivers a high level of treatment but allows the client to return home each night. The program was created for individuals who might not be able to be away from their families or from work. PHP includes a wide variety of addiction treatment approaches where a client can focus on what works for them and shape the program to fit their needs. It’s a way to get the structure and care of residential treatment without having to live away from home. PHP is a 20+ hour per week program, 5 days a week.

What does a Partial Hospitalization Program look like?

PHP takes place Monday through Friday and provides structure and stability for those in early addiction recovery, as well as offering a variety of groups and topics that utilize different therapeutic models. Another benefit to PHP is that it allows clients to interact with many of their peers as well as several different counselors/group facilitators.

“When we put this program together,” stated April Pryor, Partial Hospitalization Program Coordinator, “we decided to utilize what we had without recreating the wheel. We integrated PHP into some of the existing groups. The additional groups that the PHP clients engage with are the Trauma group which aims to improve coping strategies to better respond to reminders or emotions associated with a traumatic event, the Dialectical Behavioral group which focuses on coping skills, the Cognitive Behavioral group which focuses on thinking errors, a Peer Support group which provides clients an opportunity to engage with a staff member who has lived experience, and an Informational group with one of our medical staff who can provide education and information on various topics for managing health in recovery.” 

Who runs PHP?

April is the PHP Coordinator and has been with OneEighty for a year. She facilitates two of the groups. “PHP is important because people in early recovery have a lot of idle time on their hands,” she says. “Maybe they’re not working yet. Maybe they’re just now learning the skills necessary to stay sober and being in a program that’s twenty hours a week gives them the opportunity to practice what they’re learning.”

What is the difference between a Partial Hospitalization Program and Intensive Outpatient Programming?

PHP is a flexible program for those moving on from residential treatment who still require intensive care before stepping down into outpatient services. It’s also an option for those who can’t go into full residential treatment because of a job or home responsibilities. Because PHP offers a wide variety of treatment approaches, clients can focus on what works for them and shape the program to fit their needs. It’s a way to get the structure and care of residential treatment without having to live away from home.

What is the difference between PHP and IOP?

The continuum of care offers a decreasing intensity of services through a client’s progress in sobriety. PHP is a more intensive service than Intensive Outpatient Programming (IOP). PHP takes place 20 hours per week, whereas IOP is anywhere from 9 to 19 hours per week, typically 9. Although IOP can be a direct step down from residential treatment, if a client is struggling in IOP, they could step up into PHP to better assist their recovery.

Because of their similarities, PHP is integrated into IOP. According to April, “PHP utilizes multiple therapeutic modalities, through the various types of groups. IOP utilizes the Matrix Model, which is a series of targeted sessions that focus on boredom, emotions, and so on. We decided to integrate the PHP clients in with the IOP clients so that when they step down, they already have a familiarity with the peers and the counselors who are running the groups.”

How can you find more information on addiction treatment options?

To learn more about OneEighty’s Partial Hospitalization Programming, check out our addiction and substance use services, or you can call our office (330-264-8498) for the most up-to-date information about topics and meeting times.


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