OneEighty Supports a Necessary Shift in Sustainable Recovery


Just as recovery involves a process of change that involves clients working to improve their mental, physical, and relational wellness, the last few years have allowed OneEighty to take a critical look at all we do. The world has changed, and we’ve had the opportunity to rethink how we serve those suffering from substance use disorder, mental health conditions, domestic abuse, or homelessness. And we’ve been challenged with reimagining the infrastructure of our programs and services in terms of how they can best support long-term recovery.

We Continue to Ask Critical Questions

Are we taking a critical look at what we need to do differently?

Are we using our services to the fullest capacity?

In what areas should we be training our staff to effectively adapt?

How can we shift our programs and services to support sustainable recovery?

We’ve Taken a Proactive Approach

2019 ­– The government revamped how behavioral health treatment was reimbursed. This challenged our fiscal security.

2020 – During the pandemic, we were able to remain open, offer telehealth, and provide vital access to our clients, while helping our staff navigate their own personal stress from living through a pandemic.

2021 – A cross disciplinary team worked diligently to implement our electronic health records system, offering more complete record sharing with greater security.

2022 – At a time when the numbers of available behavioral healthcare professionals are not sufficient, we have focused on finding qualified employees to support our programs and services.

We’re Streamlining Where It Makes the Most Sense

Access to fewer skilled health care professionals has required OneEighty to optimize certain operational and administrative processes. We’re actively developing ways to accomplish more with less. And we’re exploring new modalities of care that support our clients as well as ways to provide the necessary funding.

Our Shift in Recovery Support is Personal

People don’t all come into treatment the same way. And the population we serve does not come to us with just one issue. So, it stands to reason that they don’t all benefit from the exact same style of treatment. That’s why we support a broad continuum of care with an individualized treatment plan for each client. We understand that in order to achieve lasting change, we must now focus on building out the back end of the treatment cycle – including our transitional housing facilities.

We Support a Shift That’s Sustainable

We know that, in most cases, our clients have experienced a lifetime of trauma and abuse. And it’s unrealistic to assume they can achieve and sustain long-term success without continued support after treatment. That’s why we’re stepping back and trying to understand what people need. We’re committed to providing the care our clients need to maintain lasting, positive change. It’s a vulnerable position to take but also a very powerful shift in thinking and action.

OneEighty Resources

We help people change direction with programs for addiction, domestic violence, rape crisis, mental health, housing, and prevention and education. OneEighty strives to offer a safe and welcoming environment to the LGBTQIA+ community – offering a counseling staff with a wide range of backgrounds and specialties, including those that work with the LGBT community. At OneEighty, we actively support an evidence-based approach to sustainable recovery from trauma and addiction – restoring dignity and purpose, reimagining potential, and rebuilding lives.

Call the 24-hour substance use crisis line at 1-330-466-0678 for immediate assistance. For other resources, click the links below:

Recovery Coaching

Addiction & Substance Use

Residential Treatment

Mental Health Counseling

Community Relations & Prevention

Substance Use Treatment Navigator Hotline

Safe at Home Program

Intimate Partner & Domestic Violence Booklet (Wayne County)

Self-Help Legal Manual

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